The district heating substation Dalsia Brunata is equipped with the following standard components:

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are the key component of a district heating substation, which contributes to a great extent for its compact outlook. Dalsia Brunata is equipped with highly effective plate heat exchangers with heat transfer coefficient over 3000 W/m2K. The plate is made from stainless steel AISI 316 and brazed with 99.9% pure copper. The construction of the heat exchanger is designed so that the heat-hydraulic conditions of the flow prevent incrustation.


The district heating substations are equipped with circulation pumps of world’s leading producers in compliance with the most modern technical solutions. They are distinguished by their high reliability, economy and low noise level. Dalsia Brunata is supplied with electronic heating pump with built-in frequency regulation of revolution, which provides optimal adaptation to the central heating installation.

Measuring and control instruments

They measure the following operating parameters of the district heating substations:

District heating plant pressure before the differential pressure regulator

Temperature and district heating plant output pressure

Temperature and internal heating system input pressure

Cold water Input pressure

Temperature and hot tap water output pressure


The hot water cycle is safeguarded by protective valve.



The district heating substation is controlled by electronic regulator. The regulator provides great comfort and optimal heat energy utilization. The built-in regulators are up-to-date with digital interface, remote data communication options and dispatching. The heating is regulated by controlling motor valve according to the external temperature and the operational conditions of the internal heating system.

The temperature of the hot utility water is controlled by motor valve according to the maximum preset preheating temperature.

The electronic regulator can control the circulation pumps according to the external temperature and the programmed setting-up. They are also automatically turned on in the summer for one minute every 72 hours.

Heat energy measuring

Dalsia Brunata is equipped with ultrasonic heat meter. The device provides various direct and remote reading options.


Dalsia Brunata is equipped with electrical management and control panel box. The panel box is mounted on the bearing structure of the substation and meets the requirements for anti-humidity equipment. The internal electrical installation is mounted in a secure channel.


The connecting pipelines and the heat exchangers are thermally insulated with highly effective up-to-date insulation.

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