The district heating is recognized as the most economical and environmentally friendly way of heat energy distribution for heating and hot utility water purposes.

The district heating substations can be used in buildings, connected to the district heating network. The functions of the district heating substation include connection between the district heating plant and the central heating system. It divides the physical water cycles and supplies the necessary heat energy to the building.

The district heating substations Dalsia Brunata are module-based complex solutions with the following characteristics:

- Compact design with logical systems configuration, which make them easy for transportation, mounting, servicing and exploitation.

- Complete “plug&play” solution which makes the mounting phase easy for executors, consultants and building supervisors.

- The district heating substation is delivered fully assembled, tested and functionally wired for easy and effective installation.

- Solutions which meet the requirements and needs of the district heating companies. They are applicable to residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

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