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UK-QB 10.1010


EN-QB 10.1010Brunata Futura Heat
Brunata Futura Heat for remote reading
with external sensor
EN-QB 10.1012

Brunata Futura Comfort

EN-QB 10.1013

EN-QB 10.1014

Brunata ClickOn


Brunata Futura Signal


UK-QB 10.1018/23.09.2008

Futura Geysir

EN-QB 10.1020

Futura Hygro

EN-QB 10.1030

EN-QB 10.1031

UK-QB 10.1040/28.06.2012

Brunata Visual Mobile - Optimizing Temperature


Brunata Visual Mobile - Indoor Climate

BrunataNet GateGPRS

UK-QB 10.1041

BrunataNet GateLAN

UK-QB 10.1102


UK-QB 10.1102/11.08.2006

RMK 87 - Kapillar Heat Cost Allocator

UK-QB 10.1104/25.09.2006

RME 95 - Electronic heat Cost Allocator

UK-QB 10.1108/18.07.2011

Brunata single-jet water meter, type BLZ

UK-QB 10.1109/16.09.2004

Brunata multi-jet water meter, type BBM

UK-QB 10.1110/21.12.2010

Brunata Sensus single-jet water meter, ETR

UK-QB 10.1111/16.01.2006

Reading head for communication over display

UK-QB 10.1112/2012.07.05

Brunata ETJ single-jet water meter for utility water

ENG-QB 10.1013

Brunata ClickOn

Hydrus - A maintenance free and waterproof water meter
UK-QB 10.1117/07.04.2006

Brunata multi-jet water meter MPMJ/UPMG

UK-QB 10.1118/18.05.2009



24-hour registration - only pay for what you consume...


BrunataNet RS485


BrunataNet Præsentation af systemløsninger

UK-QB 10.1131/17.09.2014

BrunataNet GateReceiver

UK-QB 10.1132/13.09.2007

BrunataNet RS485 FM Radio Reciever

UK-QB 10.1133/05.10.2007

Radio-based/RS485 Data Communication(drawing)

UK-QB 10.1137/13.09.2007

Brunata Net RS485 Controller Box 44-0241-B

UK-QB 10.1138/13.09.2007

Brunata Net RS485 Repeater Box 44-0241-B

UK-QB 10.1139/16.03.2006

Radio-based/RS485 Data Communication (drawing)

UK-QB 10.1140/28.04.2005

Hydrometer single-jet water meter type ETX for utility water

UK-QB 10.1141/28.04.2005

Hydrometer multi-jet water meter type MTX for utility water

UK-QB 10.1142/28.05.2005

Hydrometer multi-jet water meter type MNR for utility water

UK-QB 10.1143/16.07.2013Brunata Ray Radio energy meter
UK-QB 10.1144/16.07.2013Brunata Ray compact energy meter
UK-QB 10.1146/19.03.2010Ultrasound energy meter type Sharky
UK-QB 10.1150/05.10.2007

Instruction Manual for BrunataNet RS485 System Components

UK-QB 10.1151/01.07.2008

BrunataNet RS485 Data Gathering System – System Description

UK-QB 10.1152/26.08.2008

Wiring Diagrams for Brunata ControllerBox and RepeaterBox

UK-QB 10.1153/26.08.2008

Brunata Net RS485 data Gathering System - Block Diagram

UK-QB 10.1154/05.10.2007

BrunataNet RS485 Data Gathering System - Radio-based Data Communication

UK-QB 10.1156/05.10.2007

BrunataNet RS485 Data Gathering System - Installation

UK-QB 10.1157/13.09.2007

BrunataNet RS485 Data Gathering System - Cable nomogram ± 10V

UK-QB 10.1158/13.09.2007

BrunataNet RS485 Data Gathering System - Cable nomogram ± 1V

UK-QB 10.1160/11.02.2005

Brunata Radiator Thermostat Type:148

UK-QB 10.1161/11.02.2005

Brunata Thermostat Valve Bodies Type:130

UK-QB 10.1162/11.02.2005

Pressure Drop Charts for Brunata Thermostatic Radiator Valves

UK-QB 10.1165/25.08.2011BrunataNet power supply
UK-QB 10.1170/25.04.2005

Electronic Comfort Meter

UK-QB 10.1171/25.04.2005

Temperature Logger

UK-QB 10.1175/03.04.2012Optuna H

UK-QB 10.1197/10.11.2014

Aquarius type S and RS

UK-QB 10.1250


UK-QB 10.1250/27.09.2005

General Conditions of Sale and Delivery

UK-QB 10.1330


Leave your consumption accounts to Brunata!
UK-QB 10.1330/02.03.2010

Are heat cost allocators allowed to look stylish? (leaflet)

ENG-QB 10.1331/22.04.2015

WebMon - BrunataNet

ENG-QB 10.1332/22.04.2015

WebMon Visual - BrunataNet

UK-QB 10.1333/22.04.2015

Brunata WebMon Visual Mobile

UK-QB 10.1334/2012.04.18Brunata DriveBy
ENG-QB 10.1336/22.04.2015Brunata WebMon Resident
ENG-QB 10.1339/25.04.2015Brunata Online
UK-QB 10.1340Company Profile
UK-QB 10.1370/08.10.2010Substation

UK-QB 10.1412


UK-QB 10.1412/02.02.2009

Installation instructions Brunata ETR

UK-QB 10.1413/2010.06.06

Brunata Analouge Converter - Installation manual

UK-QB 10.1414/13.10.2014

Brunata Optuna W - Communication description

UK-QB 10.1420/31.05.2016User information about Brunata's humidity meter
UK-QB 10.1415/20.07.2011Undesired heat consumption in one-pipe systems
UK-QB 10.1424/2012.04.25

Brunata Radiator Thermostat

UK-QB 10.1427/22.09.2006

Brunata Futura user manual

Brunata Futura Heat displays - User information

UK_QB 10.1428/23.02.2016

UK-QB 10.1428/14.12.2010

Brunata FuturaSignal user information

Brunata FuturaSignal user information
Vers. 3.9

UK-QB 10.1429/2012.07.05

Brunata FuturaSignal user information
Vers. 3.7

UK-QB 10.1430/19.07.2013Brunata WebMon - Resident's Manual
UK-QB 10.1431/2014.03.26Brunata WebMon - User Manual for Administrator
UK-QB 10.1432/27.10.2006

WorkAbout User Manual

UK-QB 10.1435/05.09.2011Sensible use of water and heating
UK-QB 10.1436/27.10.2006

RMEworkPro User Manual

UK-QB 10.1438/26.05.2008

Brunata FuturaGeysir User manual

UK-QB 10.1439/2012.07.04WebMon Visual Manual Version 1.0


UK-QB 10.1463/01.07.2008

LAN-kit for ControllerBox - Installation and user's manual

UK-QB 10.1466/21.01.2009

GPRS-box with external power supply - User and installation manual

UK-QB 10.1467/21.01.2009

GPRS-box with battery - User and installation manual

UK-QB 10.1468/13.10.2014BrunataNet GateGPRS with built-in power supply - Installation guide - Edition 1.1
UK-QB 10.1470/22.05.2016Brunata ClickOnETJ (Sensus) Installation Guide
Brunata ClickOnETJ Installation Guide
DK-UK-QB 10.1471/20.06.2012Installation guide Brunata ETJ (Sensus) cold and hot water meter
UK-QB 10.1473/16.08.2007

Brunata FuturaComfort -"Give Away"

UK-QB 10.1474/18.04.2013BrunataNet GateLAN Bbus/RS485
UK-QB 10.1476/18.04.2013BrunataNet GateLAN Mbus/RS485 (Type 2)
UK-QB 10.1477/18.04.2013BrunataNet GateLAN Mbus/RS232 (Type3)
UK-QB 10.1479/26.08.2008

IP-address for LAN-kit - Configuration guide

UK-QB 10.1480/21.10.2005

Technical Manual for HGP-series

UK-QB 10.1493/28.10.2010

Brunata FuturaSignal -Installation guide

UK-QB 10.1494/30.11.2010Brunata Futura Hygro -Installation Guide
UK-QB 10.1495/28.05.2008

Guide to installation of Futura Geysir

UK-QB 10.1496/30.07.2009Brunata Futura Comfort -Installation Guide
ENG-QB 10.1514Hydrus - Installation Guide
UK-QB 10.1575

Brunata Optuna H Ultrasonic energy meter Type 775 - Installation Guide

UK-QB 10.1593/12.01.2011Guide to configuration with Standard Psion WA programme in Futura Signal
UK-QB 10.1675/30.05.2011Brunata Optuna H (775)
Communication description
UK-QB 10.1680/12.11.2013What the customers say in Tyreengen
UK-QB 10.1681/04.06.2014What the customers say in Ikast
Customer statementsWhat the customers say in Elsinore

UK-QB 10.1749


UK-QB 10.1749/17.11.2010WebMon Visual System Overview
UK-QB 10.1750/22.04.2015WebMon System Overview


Scylar INT 8Energy  calculator
Sharky FS 473Ultrasonic flow sensor




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